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All visits with Dr. Scott are scheduled by appointment only.  Please schedule your future appointments at our front desk before you leave the office.  This will help you insure the availability of the appointment time you desire, and decrease the time you spend waiting.  If you need to reschedule an appointment, kindly give our office 24-hour notice.  Thank you.

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9:30am to 5:00pm


9:30am to 5:00pm



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Patient Reviews

Joel Hund

Great chiropractor and a great guy! 100% reccomended!!

Rian Fitzpatrick

A great chiropractor and a great person.

David Martin Landry II

Thanks for the great adjustments. Very determined chiropractor

Joline Martha Yeager

One of the most dedicated doctors in the profession!

Aron Michael Stumvoll

"A chiropractor's chiropractor!" I am a chiropractor and Dr. Scott is my chiropractor.

Joe Borio

Honest. Passionate. Excellence. Caring. Dedicated. A doctor to care for you and your family delivering chiropractic care at the highest standard.

Liam Schubel

First class doctor with heaps of experience and a heart of gold. You want excellent results with a person who truly cares? Then you just hit the Health jackpot with Dr. Jacobson!

Jen Herzberg Borrink

Best chiropractor I've ever known. It would be to your advantage to take advantage of ChiroAdvantage.

Fiorella Paola Cool

The best of the best!!! helped me so much with my back pain!!!

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